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We are a professional couple who have successfully worked together combining our skills and experience for more than 20 years, assisting clients from all over the UK and Europe in Tourism. This has provided us with the contacts needed to branch into medical tourism. We have helped our existing clients with elective and necessary medical and dental services for many years as trusted friends and experts in our area. My husband and I are both fluent in English and Turkish. I’m originally from the UK and my husband is Turkish which offers us a unique perspective from both sides when assisting our clients.

We now want to extend these services to all of you looking for the right treatments at the right price. We are offering a transparent booking process with full breakdowns of the costs involved regardless of your budget. We will tailor-make the package you need in order to successfully receive the treatments you want and provide full assistance throughout your journey.

We have an expanding network of surgical and Dental Professionals based in private hospitals and clinics that are using the latest technology for all procedures.

We are providing very high standards across a comprehensive range of surgical, and non-surgical treatments and procedures. We have specialists in several areas and are therefore able to build an impressive network of hospitals and clinics offering expert assistance and catering to a wide variety of patient requirements.

We offer a friendly and comfortable environment to put you at ease and offer follow-up aftercare calls to monitor your progress and recovery.

Our aim is to provide a trustworthy and reliable service to all of our clients, ensuring a seamless process with reputable and experienced professionals.

We want to take the stress of making a decision away by carrying out all the research and necessary due diligence to make sure you are in the best possible hands while receiving treatment in Turkey.