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Rhinoplasty which is more commonly known as a nose job or nose plastic surgery refers to the procedure where the nose is reshaped or resized. The nose has a prominent, central position on the face which means that any alterations made can change the entire appearance of your face.
For those that are unhappy with their nose, the newfound confidence that comes as a result of nose surgery can be life-changing

Blepharoplasty Surgery
The procedure for eye bag removal is typically completed under general anaesthetic. Your surgeon will make a small incision on the outside of your lower eyelid just below your eyelashes. It is this opening that will allow any fat to be removed and the necessary muscles to be tightened before the skin is stretched, excess skin is removed, and the surgical cut is stitched.

Upper Eyelid Surgery: An incision is made in your eyelid contour. Excess skin tissue and fat pads on your upper eyelids causing bags and sagging are then removed restoring a much younger look.
Upper eyelid surgery is mostly performed to deal with vision disorders caused by excessive sagging of upper eyelid.

Facelift Surgery
The purpose of a facelift is to create a youthful and smooth appearance and this type of surgery is particularly popular among those who are beginning to develop the inevitable wrinkles that come with aging. The procedure, also known as rhytidectomy, is used to remove excess skin from the face and the surrounding areas which enables the face to appear softer and more defined. As we grow older, the elasticity of our skin starts to weaken, resulting in lines, wrinkles, and an overall tired look but facelifts help to eliminate these problems.

Neck Lift Surgery
Neck lift surgery commonly referred to as turkey neck surgery is used to remove excess skin below the chin. The skin loses its elasticity with age, particularly surrounding the jaw and the neck itself, which can leave people feeling self-conscious and wanting to hide behind turtleneck tops and scarves. It is common for patients to experience more rapid aging on the neck in comparison to the face, with some signs beginning to show as early as their thirties. Neck plastic surgery or platysmaplasty can eliminate this problem and leave you looking and feeling younger, healthier, and more confident.

Otoplasty or ear reshaping is perfect for anyone wishing to alter the shape and appearance of their ears. This type of specialized surgery is popular with patients who are unhappy with either the way their ears protrude or maybe just the general shape of the ear due to birth or following an injury. Once your ears have reached their full size, this type of procedure is safe to go ahead with. Ear reshaping surgery can have a huge impact on the way people feel about their appearance, increasing their self-esteem.

Non – Surgical Treatments
Non-surgical procedures have grown in popularity in the last 10 years, and it is easy to see why.
With procedures now safer than ever and with fantastic results you can improve areas you are unhappy with including aging wrinkles and the fullness of your lips. Affordable anti-wrinkle and dermal fillers can make a huge difference to the way you feel about your appearance. We can combine any number of treatments to achieve the overall look you always wanted.

Some wrinkles and undesired lines are formed on our face by the age, sunlights, and mimic movements. We use dermal fillers that got diversified in recent years to get rid of these lines
As well as we can use the dermal fillers directly in hollowed, sunken areas, or the area we want to bring volume in; indirect applications can also be performed by the modern fillers in our day. To give an example to this, it can be provided the under eye hollows to seem less hollowed and better, by performing a filler application right under the under eye hollow without filling the hollow. In other words, with direct and indirect applications, changes can be provided on whole face.
Lines coming down from each sides of the nose (Nasolabial Lines)
Lines between the nose and the mouth (Philtral Lines)
Lip augmentation, shaping and saturation
Radial lines around lips
Corner lip lift
Wrinkles around eyes
Camouflaging under eye bags
Correcting under eye hollows
Lines on forehead
Brow lift
Acne scars
Deformities formed as result of accident or trauma
Cheek and cheekbone and jaw augmentation
Bring volume in tip of the chin
Non-surgical nose job, nasal correction
Making chin corners noticeable
Correction of some asymmetries in the body
Fine wrinkles over the lip (perioral wrinkles)
Deep traces of pimples and wounds
Lines going down the lips (marionette lines)
Cheekbone, cheek
Neck, low-neck lines
For hand care
*The cost of dermal filler injections may is always a consideration in elective procedure or treatment, how many to be used, and the place of application.

Thread Facelift
In recent years, the non-surgical facelift has progressed in different ways; one of them is the thread facelift method. This method is also named PDO facelift, Ultra V lift, gold thread lift, spined thread lift; contour thread lift, and silhouette lift. The first of these methods was the Aptos threads applied many years ago.

A thread facelift is created by changing the form and structure of the special surgical threads made of PDO. These threads are very thin, their helixes and structures are different, melt under the skin in time, but do not give harm or change the texture of the skin. Threads are not felt under the skin due to their thinness.
The non-surgical facelift performed by making a thread facelift will make you look better for approximately 5-10 years.
The non-surgical facelift is a method applied to patients who do not want to have facelift surgery, due to issues with anaesthesia, avoiding any possible side effects of surgery, or do not have the time to dedicate to recovery and healing Especially it is performed in patients between 30-65 ages who don’t have excessive sagging, and who want their skin to be more tightened.
It can be for the following;
• The correction of sagging face or cheeks
• Removal of sagging neck
• Around the chin area
• Around mouth lines and wrinkles
• Brow lift
• The removal of the lines in the forehead, between brows, and around the eyes
• Lightening of the lines between the nose, cheek and lip
• Correction of under eye trough
• In abdominal, arm sagging and some other cases in the body.
In the face rejuvenating application performed by threads, if the lifting is performed by cog threads the result becomes clear immediately. In the lifting performed by other threads or cog threads, the results will be slower over 1-3 months.

Botox and Wrinkle treatment
Botox is the easiest way of non-surgically getting rid of age lines and wrinkles on our faces and has been used in cosmetics safely and successfully for 15 years.
Certain types of wrinkles, such as those on the forehead and at the corners of the eyes, diminish if the muscles producing them cannot contract normally. A thin needle and a small volume of toxin minimize the pain of the injection.

Botox is also used for the treatment of excessive sweating and migraine.
Botox is applied through injections to certain points on the face with very fine injection needles.
The effects of the Botox application are visible after only 2-3 days and remains effective for approximately 6 months. After several applications, its effects may be prolonged to 8-12 months.

Collagen injections
Collagen injections give your skin a plumper, smoother appearance. Although collagen is the best known filler, there are many other substances doctors can use to plump up your skin, including fat from your own body and synthetic materials.

Collagen injections replenish the skin’s natural collagen which our bodies produce less of as we age. The natural beauty of your skin is enhanced as the contour of the support structure is restored.
Skin consists of three layers: the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue (hypodermis). The upper-most layer, known as the epidermis, controls the loss of water from cells and tissue.
Without this protective barrier, the body would quickly dehydrate.

Body fat makes excellent soft tissue filler material. Fat injection (also called autologous fat transplantation) transfers fat from one part of the body to another to recontour the face; diminish frown lines, crow’s feet and nasolabial folds (smile lines); and provide definition to areas like the cheeks and chin. It can also be used to fill out depressed scarred areas on any part of the body. Fat injection is not permanent and may require an effective maintenance program.
As age progresses there is a decrease in the fat tissue of the face. This causes a collapse in the cheeks, a reduction in the fullness of the cheekbones, and a hollow appearance around the nose and eyes. This treatment is necessary to restore the lost volume of the face using filler materials.
Filler materials can be synthetic or can be prepared by collecting from the individual’s own fat tissue.
During the procedure, the fat obtained from the individual’s own body using the liposuction method is given to the individual again by subjecting it to various operations. In order to collect fat, the areas where regional fat is abundant, such as the abdomen, waist, and hipline of the patient can be used. The advantage of using the individual’s own fat cells is that both the injection of a foreign substance into the body is avoided and the stem cells contained in the fat tissue are benefited. By means of stem cells contained in the fat tissue, vitality, brightness, and freshness are created on the skin.
At the end of 6 months-1 year, a little dissolving will be observed in the fat injection area. If the remaining amount is insufficient, the procedure can be repeated. Although it is not the same for every person, 2-3 sessions of the application may sometimes be needed for a permanent result. If the fat taken for the injection is too much, it can be stored by freezing and used in other sessions. However, frozen fat is less resistant than freshly taken fat.
After the fat collection area is narcotized by local anaesthesia, the fat collected with the help of the cannula is then prepared for the injection and given to the required areas using special injectors. It is normal to see swelling in the areas where the fat injection is performed, especially in the first 3 days, afterwards the swelling rapidly regresses.